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About Laughter Therapy

Helene Grover, Author of the best seller book LAUGH AEROBICS

... and founder of;

"Don't put off till tomorrow the fun you can have today" - Helene Grover

Laughter Strategies programmes provide people with the tools to achieve the most fun and productivity from daily living.

Laughter Strategies developed by Helene Grover, first and foremost laughter therapist and trainer in Australia.

Laughter Strategies Programmes are designed for:


Some valuable information about:

LAUGHTER - induces natural body pain killers, assists the immune system, is considered a form of internal jogging which improves blood circulation, is beneficial for the respiratory and cardiovascular systems amongst other health benefits. Laughter is an exceptionally useful health booster to body and minds.

HUMOUR - helps to diffuse difficult situations - Gives us an opportunity to change our perspective - Lubricates the connections in our lives. Builds bridges between human beings.

FUN - is vital if we want to survive and make our lives more meaningful - Fun is invaluable for living with joy, passion, creativity.

PLAY - is not just something children do and adults engage in sometimes when all else is done, it is an essential aspect of the human survival mechanism and the path that goes through fun and our happier more productive lives. Although play is great to do with others, there are many ways to bring an individual moments of play and fun to achieve remarkable results.

PLAYFULNESS and FUN for just a few moments can divert catastrophes from our thought processes as well as releasing stress and tension.

MAKING WORK FUN brings humour to the workplace as a means for management and staff to work as productive teams - Giving our day to day work life meaning:


Fun in the workplace is one of the major motivators for keeping people happy.

To assist people to cope, to relax

To distance oneself from difficulties by viewing them from a different perspective

By having moments of respite using fun and play to relax the mind from stressful thinking and actions

To bring about productive results such as creativity in the way we resolve our challenges


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