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About Helene Grover

Author of the best seller book LAUGH AEROBICS

I have been writing all my life. At sixteen I wrote a cute song called 'Barefoot Boy' which became a number one hit on the charts and is still occasionally played on radio.

My background is varied from drama, script writing for stage, promotion and recording producer.

Operating my own theatrical agency for over ten years and writing articles for various publications.

I decided on a career change to Laughter Therapy and training and I conducted many seminars, courses and conference presentations both in Australia and South East Asia.

My book 'Laugh Aerobics" was published by Harper Collins and translated into Japanese.

Switching careers again, I am now focused on writing and conducting writing for pleasure courses and currently completing my novel "In Bed with Millie" a total departure from anything I have written before and the journey continues.  

Laughter Therapy Information:

Laughter Strategies - Helene Grover

"Don't put off till tomorrow the fun you can have today" - Helene Grover

Laughter Strategies programmes provide people with the tools to achieve the most fun and productivity from daily living.

Laughter Strategies developed by Helene Grover, first and foremost laughter therapist and trainer in Australia.

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