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Sometimes The Music

                      “Some people plan their life. I fell into my action packed one.” 

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Sometimes the Music brings love, music, and laughter.

This memoir is about the turbulence of two overpowering individuals who leave their footprints in the world of jazz, Rock ‘n Roll, and the wilful destruction addiction brings as well as how it impacts on not just the addict, but those closest to them.

Born in France, of Russian and Polish parents, holocaust survivors who migrated to Australia when Helene was nine years old. Her father died leaving her to survive in this foreign country with her illiterate mother, the backdrop to instil in this ten-year-old, the capacity to become a resilient survivor.

At sixteen Helene Grover wrote a number one hit, “Barefoot Boy”, and became one of the pioneers of Australian rock ‘n roll music. She spent over forty years in the entertainment industry, as a song writer, actor, and theatrical agent. 

In the eighties, she met ‘Enfant Terrible’ of jazz, Serge Ermoll, and during their twenty-six-year relationship, Helene managed his career, produced several of his albums, booked many of his performances including the Sydney support concerts for the Dizzy Gillespie tour. Serge grappled with a lifetime of addictions. 

The book includes how Helene launched her innovative Laughter Strategies, and twenty years travelling through Australia and South East Asia conducting how to lighten up seminars for conferences and training programs. Harper Collins published her book “Laugh Aerobics”, also translated into Japanese She has appeared on many TV programs such as The Today Show on Channel 9 and the Midday show with Kerri-Anne Kennerley.

This autobiography is poignant, funny, adventurous, with an honest vulnerability.     

SOMETIMES THE MUSIC includes many of the wonderful Australian jazz musicians who were a great part of the life of pianist/composer Serge Ermoll, the innovator of free form jazz in this country and Helene’s partner of over twenty-six years, sharing tumultuous and diverse journeys, both emotional as well the road of music and laughter.

I loved Helene’s book and you will too. Couldn’t put it down. She brings to life so many of those fabulous jazz legends ad characters, many of whom are sadly no longer with us. The stories are so fascinating and entertaining. It brought a smile to my face to be reacquainted with many of them once more – Geoff Kluke - Jazz Legend

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