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Helene Grover

I am the author of the best seller book LAUGH AEROBICS

I am a Graduate of the Advanced School of Laughter, Santa Barbara, U.S.A with a background in psychodrama, psychology and metaphysical studies.

Over the years, I have worked with a terrific variety of people from all walks of life who have given me the opportunity to explore at length the practical value of laughter, humour, fun and play and the impact these have on individuals both in their private lives and the working environment.



innovative CD about Laughter, humour, fun, play and how to bring it into every day life.

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I wonder if anyone knows how many books are in the world.

Laughter Strategy Information


Have you ever held a pen in your hand, had words in your head and all you wanted to do was to just write, let the words pour out of you on to the sheet?



Book launch of

"A Tapestry of Stories"

which I am proud to have initiated the project with Randwick Library
and the assistance
of Randwick Council





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